Cari Silverwood on Writing Sci-fi

Today’s guest post is by Cari Silverwood author of Intimidator.

Intimidator book cover

Cover courtesy Xpresso Tours

There’s a freedom in writing a sci-fi or fantasy story that you can’t get anywhere else. Imagination is King but if you go too far you’ll have readers scratching their heads over the barrage of weird alien language and critters with sixteen legs. A bit like trying to figure out whose hand is where in a ménage, only far worse.

I kept that in mind while writing Intimidator. I wanted a story you could immerse yourself in without too much excess over the top stuff. Crap-tech I think I’ll christen this sort of too sciency stuff that can be dumped on you in a story.

This is a story for those who like to stretch their imagination but don’t want to give it a hernia.

So here is what you will get.

STOM – My sexy alien man who IS very human and who has a heart that melts a little and goes thud thud when he sees his woman/ bond mate, Willow. He’s got a stripy chest too. Lick

NO TENTACLE SEX. Or tentacles on my man. I decided, strangely, that the calamari could wait for another book.

ROMANCE but with a big helping of alpha male.

CAPTURE FANTASY. But sweet capture fantasy, in other words, it’s all sexy and delicious and Willow has a hard time not swooning when Stom walks in. Except for when she’s scowling at him, or shooting him.

KINKINESS. Sigh. I have a hard time not including kink in my stories so my alphas are, minimum, always keen on the dominance thing. Stom has a fling with using a collar and leash on Willow but he’s more growly beast type and not into S and m apart from threatening a spanking here and there. I don’t think he ever followed through. Where did I go wrong?

Sci-fi ACTION. Yep, I’m a Joss Whedon/ Firefly/ Star Wars fan, and love adding a few fight and battle scenes. Even if my women do the swoony ‘please take me’ thing with their men, they’re not afraid of wielding sword, Glock, flame, or claws. The men are warriors and armed to the teeth, of course.

As a result of the above expect a modicum of GORE and a smidge of HORROR too. But it’s only there to make you worry. Which is good, right?

This is a series called Preyfinders – I hope to do four books all up, including Precious Sacrifice, the Book 1 novella that’s out in the Kept anthology.  So strap on your holsters, unrack those spiky alien rifles with little buttons and shit, hang onto the nearest alien hunk (uh-uh, no nibbling on him), and RUN.

If we leave you behind the factory queen (think huge monster insect beast thing) gets to play with you and she likes brains…and YouTube, she has a thing for that too.

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