The Double Standard in Romance Novels

Recently I sat down with the much hated Savi DaCosta and chatted about the backlash she faces from playing the bad cougar and her role as Momster in the Family Portrait series.

PTBM – Welcome Savi, glad you could join us.

Savi – Thank you, glad to be here.

PTBM – As the series grows in popularity your character has come under fire, so much so that fans are calling for you to be killed off. How do you feel about that?

Savi – Who are these people? Mostly women right? Shame on them. If I were a man they would love me. Somehow women readers feel it is acceptable for a man to behave a certain way, but if a woman behaves that way, they call for her head. They seem to think that it is okay for a man to bring a woman to her knees, order her around, or talk to her however he sees fit. They love the bad boy; if that isn’t a double standard I don’t know what is.

Fabio, old Mills and Boon imageGet over the whole Mills & Boon age Ladies, since then women have gone on to become Prime Ministers, pilots, CEOs, national leaders. We’re not helpless damsels in distress waiting for a man to come and save us. Even Disney have gotten on board with Mulan and all the others that followed. Have you noticed there is a trend? Girl power is on the rise and I think romance novels need to catch up. Don’t you think it’s time that WE have the power? Bring boys to their knees. I think it’s very empowering when a woman stands up and show her male counterparts that she is their equal. I don’t agree that women need to be submissive. I think being submissive is a sign of weakness and we have come too far to be put into that box.

PTBM – Well, you know Savi, some people like that sort of thing.

Savi – If that’s their poison then fine, just don’t call for my head on a silver platter because I’m the female version of the bad boys they love.

PTBM – People also complain about the way you treat your girls, especially Leighann. I mean in Changes you kicked her out with no money.

Savi – Bullshit! She had money, she’s a freaking rock star of course she’s got money of her own. She has a bank account with a very generous monthly allowance, I’m not the only one with a black AMEX card you know. If you think I am hard on my girls, it’s because I want to toughen them up. I don’t believe in the cuddling approach to parenting. I never had it. L’Wren grew up with her father who cuddled her, what did that get her? An abusive boyfriend. At least she wised up after I moved in, I haven’t seen the asshole in a while. I guess she came to her senses.

Catch Savi in the Family Portrait Series: Changes, The Banovic Siblings and Bastard’s Brew.

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