Bristol UK Book Festival

I became aware of Backcover Promotions through a link on LibraryThing. Founder Kate Bainbridge contacted me and offered me free promotion on their site. Obviously I said yes. Through that I learned about Booked! I’ll get to that in a minute. First let me introduce you to the players behind the scene of Backcover Promotions.

In addition to Kate, we have Michelle who produces graphics, Lex the beta reader, Tammy handles reviews, for events talk to Mike and Donna handles cover design.

These friends have worked on different projects in the literary world and came together to form Backcover Promotions.

Backcover Promotions is located in United Kingdom. Fastforward to 2014, Backcover Promotions has teamed up with Fantasy Events UK to form Booked!

What is Booked?

Booked! is book festival being held in Bristol UK. This year you can get Booked on November 22, 2014. There is a special event on November 21, for weekend pass holders. For more info:

Here’s what you can expect from attending Booked!

A showcase of novels in different genres, we’re talking Sci Fi, Fantasy, Romance, Children’s, Young Adult plus much more.

Guest authors, publishers, panels, book launches, Q&A sessions, a workshop plus live music.

Location Location Location

This year Booked will be held at the Ramada Hotel in Bristol.

For sign up information and to see the fantastic line up of guests please check out the Booked website.


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