New Adult Author Danube Adele

Danube Adele was part of the blitz I hosted for her publisher Carina Press.

Danube Adele wrote her first romance at the age of seven when she penned the sweet story of her dogs falling in love and having puppies together. She’s been dreaming up romantic tales ever since. A lifetime resident of southern California, she spends time playing at the beach, camping in Joshua Tree National Park, and hiking Mammoth Mountain. Always a lover of adventure, she and her husband took their sons on a cross country road trip to Florida and back in an old VW Westfalia, that had no A/C, in the month of July, and still, it continues to be the best trip they ever took. Extensive travel and trying new things has kept the creative spark alive. Danube lives in Claremont with her biggest fans, her loving husband, amazing and wonderful identical twin sons, and a teddy bear of a Rottweiler.

Why I Like New Adult Romance

by Danube Adele

Danube Adele

Danube Adele

New Adult romance is a blast to create because it clearly illustrates how young women are changing their roles in society today.  They are powerful, dynamic and demanding, entering that time in their lives when they’re first trying to figure out who they are in a quickly changing world.  They are no longer limited to displaying demure, virginal, long-suffering archetypes.  The sky is the limit, which gives our characters so many more options than they’ve ever had before.  Taylor Lane, my sexy, smart female lead in Quicksilver Dreams, is smart and savvy.  With-it.  No one is going to tell her how to do her life, which is why she’s attracted a strong, powerful male character like Ryder Langston.  He’s fascinated by her, doesn’t quite know what to make of her, but doesn’t want to let her go.  The word spinster has quickly become an anachronistic idea because women no longer need to assume passive roles in society to be considered attractive.  In fact, quite the opposite is true.

Taylor, in Quicksilver Dreams, became my personal hero while writing this story.  She is a true badass who is not going to let the world push her around.  She is going to live on her terms, no matter what it takes.  Her wit and snarkiness are part of her charm. As the story goes on, we get to see that she also has a deep well of softness and vulnerability that she tries to keep hidden, though unsuccessfully.  She is the New Adult woman who can boldly enter any arena with a with her chest puffed out demanding her due, but she can also show a gentle side where she dreams and wants and needs. Ryder, Mr. Dark and Brooding, cannot help but be drawn to her strength and courage.


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