Home Decor and Other Useful Tips

I found these useful and creative tips I thought I’d share with you. See? We’re not all about books. Enjoy!

Phone Tricks

Smart phone users pay attention.

Say you’re at a friend’s house and you want to show off your playlist on your smart phone but you don’t have a portable speaker. Put the phone in a bowl, the concavature of the bowl will amplify the sound. Don’t believe me? Try it.

Phone taking too long to charge? Charge it in airplane mode it will charge faster. In airplane mode it uses less energy and some apps don’t work so it conserves the battery.

Pssst… I heard you can play games on your phone without ads popping up if you play them in airplane mode. If anybody know if this is true please leave a comment to confirm.

Summer Drinks

Want to retain the flavor of your iced tea after you put in ice cubes? Make the ice cubes with tea instead of water. I love this tip, it can work with anything, iced coffee or lemonade.

MacGyver Style

For all you young-uns who don’t know who MacGyver is … he was this cool detective guy from the 80’s who could build a house from a single matchstick or something like that.  Kind of like what Walter White is to chemistry. Where was I? Oh yes…

Ever notice how you never have a flat head screw driver when you need it? Most American power plug prong will fit into a large or medium screw head. Take that MacGyver!

Don’t you just hate it when a candle burns all the way down into the jar and you can’t get to the wick? Light a single spaghetti and use that to light the wick instead of burning your fingers with the match.

Speaking of candles, check this out …

The Rekindle Candle

Photo from Business Insider

Meet the Rekindle Candle, created by Benjamin Shine. How fitting a last name he has. I’ve seen his work and this Brit is super talented!

The way it works is, as the candle burns, melting wax drips down from the candle and accumulates inside a transparent stem with a wick. Once the candle is completely melted, you can crack open the mold, and a new, fully formed candle will be removed (you can then start the whole process over again).

I love this! It is creative, economical and useful. My only question is where can I get it?

Simple DIY Home Deco

This crafty multi use coffee table is made from wooden drawers. I’ve seen some rustic painted ones in Gordman’s, but you can get them anywhere. You can mix and match the colors to mix it up a bit. I can’t wait to try this.

DIY coffee table

Photo by The Article on Etsy











You can teach an old rake new tricks.

For a chic country feel, visit your garden store and pick up a rake head. Don’t know if they sell them with the handle. Hang it upside down and bo yah you got a wine glass holder.

Rake wine glass holder

Photo courtesy Ned Hardy











Hope you all enjoyed these.

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