Whisper by Ava Claire New Adult Novel Promo


Whisper by Ava Claire
Publication date: April 4th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult


Book cover for Whisper

Cover courtesy Xpresso Tours

Synopsis for Whisper

Mia Kent lives a charmed, tortured life.

Fresh off the success of her teen drama TV series Carolina, California, movie executives want her to headline their blockbusters, and record executives are vying for the chance to release her first solo studio album.

When Mia turns eighteen, she spreads her wings–and makes more mistakes than she can count. What the world doesn’t know is that her mother is much worse than any drug she could shoot into her veins, and despite her best efforts, Mia can’t quiet the screech of her past nor the cacophony of fame.

Until she meets him.

Liam Walker knows all too well what it’s like to fall from grace. A soulful rocker with a one-hit wonder under his belt, he believes in love–and he believes in Mia. He doesn’t know how to save what’s left of his career, but he knows that they belong together. He breathes for her.

If only she would let him in…

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About Ava Claire

Ava Claire is a sucker for Alpha males and happily ever afters. When not putting pen to paper or glued to her Kindle, Ava likes road tripping, karaoke, and vintage fashion.

Connect with Ava

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Character interview – Mia Kent

This is Chloe Waltz with Fresh Celebrity News, and I’m here with…what should I call you? Actress? Singing Sensation? My celeb BFF?

Mia Kent: (Chuckles) You can call me Mia. Thanks for having me.

Chloe Waltz: To be honest, we were a little surprised you returned our calls. You haven’t given an interview since you left your award winning show three years ago.

Mia Kent: (Flashes an uncomfortable smile) I went on a press tour for Fast Knights and The Night Is Still Young.

Chloe Waltz: And that was still nearly two years ago. And you didn’t do any interviews outside of the panel q and a. And lets be frank–that movie was…not what the world was expecting after the wholesome, girl next door image your career is founded on.

Mia Kent: I don’t want to be typecast or put in a box. Yes, my role on Carolina, California was very straight laced. And I adored playing Britney Carlson. But I want to challenge myself as an actress. So that’s why I chose Fast Knights. Playing a character like Jessika Nicole was challenging–

Chloe Waltz: And what do you have to say for the rumors that portraying a hyper sexual, drug addict spilled into your personal life.”

Mia Kent: I…(takes a huge gulp of water). I-I’d say that rumors are like an infestation. One whisper and before you know it, an entire career can be infested with bullshit. And to reduce Jessika’s character to her promiscuity is doing the awesome writers of the film a disservice. She was a lot more complex than that.

Chloe Waltz: As are you. I mean, you must be. You haven’t put out any movies, music, or TV shows in years. Anyone else would have faded into obscurity. Let our readers into your head, Mia. What’s going on?

Mia Kent: Well, I’m actually starting a new project in a few months. I’m working with Academy Award winning–

Chloe Waltz: So there are projects in the works? Many believe that your recent antics, being seen clearly coming down from some bender, staggering out of bars and clubs–

Mia Kent: I haven’t…I’m not…I’ve been clean for weeks.

Chloe Waltz: (Excited) So you’re admitting you had a substance abuse problem?

Mia Kent: No! I mean, I had a problem, but I’m getting help. I’m seeing someone and–

*Music swells, cutting her off.*

Chloe Waltz: Well, you heard it here first, America! Famed actress Mia Kent is seeking help for a substance abuse problem. We wish her all the best. Stay tuned–after the break, we’re talking about Rachel Laraby and the heartbreak that made her flee the country!


Read an excerpt from Whisper.



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