The Journey of Shadow of The Drill

By Rhani D’Chae

I began writing in my early teens, starting with a Star Trek adventure that was absolutely horrific. I don’t think there’s a word in the English language to describe how bad it was, nor do I think that one could be invented. After that I wrote a YA novel that was actually fairly good. I still have it, and one of these days I might dust it off, clean it up, and publish it.

Shadow of the Drill coverShadow of the Drill came after a friend gave me a (bad) idea for a character’s name that developed into an awesome idea for a book about an unrepentant enforcer by the name of Decker, who is known on the streets as the Drill. I wrote the book fairly quickly and self published it. And I do mean SELF published. I found a friend who was willing to pose for the cover, bought Pagemaker to format the book, bought a laserjet printer, and started to print. Once the pages were printed, my roommate and my son helped me assemble the books on my living room floor and then we sent them off to be perfect bound. We printed 1,000 copies of Shadow in that first run, and by the time we were done the last thing I wanted to see was a computer. I sold the books online for a short period of time and then…I read one. And I was forced to admit that my wonderful book was crap. It was crap with potential but…it was still crap. At that point I stopped selling Shadow and gave it an extensive rewrite that resulted in a novel that I am incredibly proud of. Copies of the original version still pop up occasionally on eBay or Amazon, and they are quite often outrageously priced for a poorly written novel by an unknown author, which always gives me a good chuckle.

The characters in the updated Shadow are significantly more three dimensional than in the original version. I’m quite pleased with the added depth, which I think gives a reader greater insight into what makes them tick, as well as making them much easier to like/dislike. I also added a parking lot altercation to showcase the character of Rudy and take him out of Decker’s shadow for a minute or two.

Shadow of the Drill centers on a man whose life was destroyed by violence, who then embraced violence as a means to a very brutal end. It follows Decker and Rudy as they come face to face with their oldest enemies and attempt to close that chapter of their lives. The book contains graphic violence as well as sexual situations, and is not intended for young or easily offended readers. Shadow of the Drill is the first in a series and I plan to have the second book,Winter of the Drill, completed in the next few months. 

About Rhani ShadowAuthori

Rhani D’Chae has always been an avid reader and began writing in her early teens.   Her first ‘novel’ was a Star Trek adventure that she freely admits was a disaster but she learned from it and never stopped writing.

Shadow of the Drill is her first published novel, and is the first in a series that revolves around an unrepentant enforcer and the violent life that he leads.

She enjoys chatting with readers and fellow writers via Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and loves getting comments and other input from those who have read her work.

Ms D’Chae is currently working on Winter of the Drill and hopes to have it completed by spring of 2014.

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