Science Fiction and the Future by J.A Reynolds


Welcome guest author J.A Reynolds. J.A. is the author of the science fiction novel Peaceful Genocide. Click here for more information.

Science fiction is a genre that has so many things going on. Everything from aliens, to time travel, life on other planets, technological advances, social and environmental changes, and futuristic things. I literally think sci-fi has no limits. It’s all about what’s in your mind and the cool things you can dream up that aren’t “real”. That’s science fiction. And for me, I personally love book that makes the reader wonder, “Would they, could they?” Science fiction is one of the genres where you can always ask yourself that question. And what’s really interesting is when I read a book and then see that science has caught up with some of the things from the author’s imagination. Which, let’s face it, is a little scary! But not all of it is scary. Let’s look at some examples:

1. Rocket Ships. A 1865 novel, From the Earth to the Moon, talked about humans traveling to the moon, lunar modules, solar sails, and other futuristic things. Well, we’ve been to the moon now!

2. Invisibility. The 1897 novella, The Invisible Man, covers, well, invisibility. Now, science hasn’t really given us an invisibility cloak like in Harry Potter, but we have stealth aircraft which are invisible to radar and metamaterial cloaking.

3. Cellphones and Bluetooth. Star Trek, anyone? The only difference is Star Trek communication devices are able to do intergalactic roaming.

4. The 1932 sci-novel Brave New World. Enough said.

5. Brain Implants. My book, Peaceful Genocide, and other like The Lost Memory, and Ender’s Game, (to just name a few) all deal with some type of brain implant. That kind of technology is scary. But it’s becoming more of a reality everyday! Check out these articles:

One of the articles asks if such implants can be used to “manipulate us” (and rightfully so!). Funny thing, my book Peaceful Genocide, asks that exact same question, while systematically showing you exactly what happens.

That’s what is so great about sci-fi. There will be a time when the unbelievable becomes believable. When it comes to sci-fiction, what are some of the things you have seen come true? What are some of the things you wish would come true? Continue reading …


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