The Rain Trilogy Review and Promo


My review:

From the opening chapter of Saving Rain I was drawn to the story of our heroine Raina. What struck me the most was how much she had been through and still managed to keep her humanity. There is something very innocent about Raina despite her circumstances.

Then there is Kas, a strong, protective man-in-charge with a heart of gold. In the series Karen-Ann Stewart effectively showed how violence against women affect the men in their lives who want to love and protect them. Even though Raina suffered the abuse of other men you see Kas fighting like hell to save her, and in the process dealing with his own realisation that he can only go so far with her in the healing process, the rest is up to her.

I loved Kas and Raina as a couple, they complimented each other very well. Their chemistry was undeniable from Saving Rain (book 1) .

I think this trilogy goes beyond the new adult genre, it felt more like an adult novel to me, because the characters were more emotionally mature than I’ve seen in other novels in the genre. I feel like it could attract readers in the adult contemporary, romance category. It was a good read, the author took the time to really get into the details of the characters lives. I am looking forward to reading more novels by Karen-Ann Stewart, I am definitely a fan! 5 stars all the way.

Read more about the Rain Trilogy.


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