Expensive Amenities Worth It When Renting An Apartment?

Choosing your next dwelling can be time consuming and frustrating for some people. But if you are like me and love to ‘property window shop’ then it’s fun! In Albuquerque we have a festival (there is festival for everything out here) called The Parade of Homeswhich is a close second to Christmas for me. This year the festival dates are April 25- 27 and May 2- 4, 2014. Have no fear, there is one in the Fall too if you miss this one (Christmas can come twice a year!). Learn more about the parade by clicking on the link above.

This post is not about the spectacular homes featured in the parade (maybe in another post), in this post I examine whether expensive amenities are worth the cost when looking for an apartment to rent. I add my two cents on a previous blog post by Trulia, click on the link to pay them a visit.

1. On-site Fitness Center

The ease and convenience of an on-site fitness center means you have fewer excuses not to stay in shape. Particularly if you live in a harsh climate, this perk means you’ll get in your workout even when it’s brutally hot or insanely cold out. Of course, this only applies if the equipment in the gym is in good condition, and if it’s not so crowded you can’t get on a treadmill. Stop by and see the place for yourself before deciding.

My thoughts: Agreed! If my community didn’t have a gym I’d never work out in the winter. 

2. Doorman

A doorman isn’t just a matter of feeling important or having someone to greet you each morning or evening. It’s also a valuable security feature. If you were a criminal, would you choose to cause trouble where someone was on watch or opt for the easier target down the street? Doormen aren’t security guards, but they pose enough of an obstacle to deter many crimes.

My thoughts: If you live in a city where apartments don’t come with doormen, like say Albuquerque or a smaller state, look for a gated community with restricted access. Out here many non-gated communities provide courtesy patrol at no extra cost. 

3. Better Location

When you can cut ten or fifteen minutes off every single commute you make for the next year, this is real savings. It’s always worth the extra price to get an apartment close to work, school, or the places you frequent. Also look for an apartment convenient to your favorite shopping centers and restaurants.

My thoughts: I couldn’t agree more. Apart from the convenience of a shorter commute time, there is the added benefit of being able to walk everywhere when the weather is nice. Continue reading


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