Rita Mosiman Presents … Patience

Patience by Rita Mosiman

Photo can prose by Rita Mosiman


Peacefully the Heron waits patiently for the catch of the day or perhaps he’s simply taking it easy.  As I view him, I feel he’s teaching me something in his serene setting.  I sometimes find myself lacking the virtue of patience.  Certainly, I have patience for students, for people, in general.  I think it’s the scurrying we all find ourselves doing in today’s world, the phone menus, and paperwork to be filled out for everything that eats into life’s precious hours, for which I and many others lose patience.   Nature and the beauty of other creatures help us get our bearings.

Published by JB Stillwater

Published by JB Stillwater

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Rita Mosiman is an avid hiker who feels a strong connection to the land and nature’s artistry. In her book Serenity and Beauty she explores the true beauty that exists in the simplest of things.

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