The #Siblings Tour


The #Siblings tour swings onto a blog near you.

Here is what readers are saying about The Family Portrait Series

Crystal Martin from Random Musesomy: on The Banovic Siblings

So many questions come out in this volume. The ending leaves you wanting more. We’re far from wrapped up here folks! It’s all just coming to a head and then the dreaded words “The End”. I’m hoping there is more coming in this family saga. I want to know more about Kevin, L’Wren, and Haze.

This series is different from what I’m used to, but it pulls you in. The back story confused me at times, but once I understood what it was about I was ok.  I’m not one for Soap Opera’s at all, however, this book is more like reality tv celebrity high school edition.

I give the series 5 STARS and hope it continues.

“What is it about the DaCosta girls and the Banovic boys?”

She said this about Changes:

This is a read like no other. Welcome to the world of Soap Opera’s both literally and figuratively. Adriana has just gotten the ax from daytime’s leading show and now is struggling with the after life of celebrity. What her family doesn’t realize is that they are all living a virtual soap themselves. Bring along the DaCosta family and they could make a reality tv smash hit!

Tome Tenders Dianne Bylo, Amazon’s top 100 book reviewer had this to say about #Siblings:

Author Gillian Felix has created primetime-worthy reading here, so set up your mental wide screen and sit back and take a deep breath, because once you start page one, you will be going at warp speed as these teens navigate the webs they have woven. Great characters, flawed, too mature for their own good and most definitely entertaining, you will love them one page and while on the next, you’ll be ready shake some sense into them. All the while, you have to marvel at how they have managed to survive in the dog-eat-dog world they live in!

Teresa Beasly from AR Book reviews raves about Changes:

Family Portrait’s Changes was about family and how different they can be. The DaCosta’s and Banovic’s become intertwine and don’t even realize it. Readers will be able to relate to these well-developed characters. Each character has a different story to share with readers that will definitely keep him or her turning pages. I am anticipating what happens next and can’t wait to read the next volume. I recommend this book to others.

Jovon Tucker from Book2Buzz gushes about #Siblings

Why, oh, why did this book have to end? Seriously, I was reading, reading, reading, and the inevitable “The End” comes. I literally was like “OMG, Gillian, you are torturing me!” 2013 has been jammed to the brim with books for me and I have to say that the Family Portrait series is by far, one of the best series I have ever read in my life!

You guys need, and I stress it, neeeed to get your hands on a copy of both Changes and The Banovic Siblings and start reading. They are shorter books, (I read mine in a couple hours…and I am a slow reader) so you cannot go wrong! You will LOVE them and will be left crying out for more, like me!

Dianne Bylo on Changes:

Gillian Felix writes in crisp tones, drawing on her knowledge of the entertainment industry as she introduces us to the world her characters are struggling to survive in! You will meet a domineering stage mother, a close-knit family whose life is undergoing a huge shift, failed dreams and new dreams yet to be realized, and we mustn’t forget the whole larger-than-life high school scene on steroids in a world where appearances often mean more than substance.

These are just some of the reviews the Family Portrait series have been getting. Read more on Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes and Noble.

Here is the schedule so far (new hosts are coming on during the tour, so I will update this list as that happens).

January 14

A Room with Books – hosting a book review and except.

Tome Tender – review and excerpt

The Mis-Adventures of a Twenty-something girl – excerpt

Chic Chat – Interview

January 17

Bound for Escape – Review

From Bows to Books – Review and excerpt

Cat’s Bookish Blog – Excerpt

January 20

The Pleasure of Reading – Guest post, excerpt

January 23

Panda Lover – Excerpt

Romance Bookworm – Review

January 24

Svleta Random blog – Review, excerpt

January 25

Laurie’s interviews – Excerpt

January 27

Book Hostage – Excerpt

January 28

A Reader’s Review – Review (after the tour), Excerpt

February 1

The Undercover Reviewer – Excerpt

February 2

Samantha Holt – Guest post, excerpt

February 3

KemMcCoy – Review, interview

February 9

Hello Book Lover – Review, excerpt

February 10

Beanie Books – Review, excerpt

BC Brown Books – Guest post

Celtic Lady’s Review – Excerpt

A&R Book Reviews – Review, interview

February 11

Book Wyrming Thoughts – Interview

February 12

Adrian Woods Reviews – Review

Reader’s Muse – Review and excerpt

February 13

Library of the Unseen – Review, interview, excerpt, guest post

The Book Cove – Interview, excerpt


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