Child Marriage in Trinidad and Tobago

I am passionate about ending the disturbing practice of child marriage. Every week I get stories from countries around the world about their child marriage practices and how they are trying to end it. Nothing has ever come across my screen about my home country’s involvement in child marriage, so I went on the hunt to see where Trinidad and Tobago stack up against countries like Asia, India and Africa, where child marriage is rampant.

My findings surprised and disappointed me. I moved to the United States in my early 20′s so most of my life I lived in Trinidad and Tobago. Child marriage was not even something I thought about. I don’t know any body who got knocked up in high school. I’d heard talk about some of my Indian friends parents threatening to marry them off but nobody ever took it seriously, that usually happened after they completed high school. Arranged marriage was a whole other deal, no one to my knowledge was ever pulled out of school to get married.

Okay, so here’s what I’ve found: Continue reading …


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