Join the Fight Against Sex-Slavery with Author Karen-Anne Stewart

Our guest post today is by author Karen-Anne Stewart. I am so thrilled to welcome her back to Plain Talk.

The Rain Trilogy is a powerful story of abuse, human trafficking, and beautiful, redeeming love. I have experience working with domestic abuse survivors, but I
wasn’t very familiar with sex-slavery, other than knowing it exists and is horrific.

This is not a happy or easy topic; in fact, it’s sickening and saddening. Throughout the research process for the trilogy, I spiraled through a myriad of emotions, anger being the most prevalent. Reading statistics and stories about what so many children, women, and even men, go through every minute of every day enraged me.

There were many times I had to walk away from my laptop because I simply couldn’t read any more of the horrors of this modern day slavery. I cried, wanted to scream, and even wanted to cause physical harm at times, while reading about what goes on in every country, every state, and every town. I have a daughter, and the thoughts of anything bad happening to her is paralyzing. Continue reading…


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