How You Can Help Victims of Human Trafficking

This post is brought to you by The Rain Trilogy author Karen-Anne Stewart.

When I researched human trafficking for The Rain Trilogy, I was horrified and enraged by what I learned.  I included the Human Trafficking Hotline number in the back of all three novels, but I want to become more actively involved.  I’m not a part of the Polaris Project but I learned about them while doing research and they have become close to my heart.

Here is how you can help.


Karen-Anne is hosting a fundraiser for The Polaris Project (a wonderful organization that fights human trafficking in a holistic approach). She will be giving away one free e-book, winner’s choice of either Saving RainHealing Rain, or After the Rain – winners must be 18+ to enter. These books are awesome I am on the second novel Healing Rain, these books are well written, the story is compelling, a definite 5 star from me.

The way it will work is each person entering the rafflecopter will donate $1 through the link in the rafflecopter that goes directly to the Polaris Project peer2peer fundraising page and that person will be entered to win. Continue reading


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