Child Marriage in Nigeria: the Health Hazards and Socio-Legal Implications

Today’s guest post is by Armstrong  Ukwuoma Esq., a legal practitioner and author in Nigeria. Mr. Ukwuoma talks about his book Child Marriage in Nigeria: the Health Hazards and Socio-Legal Implications

Why I Wrote My Book On Child Marriage In Nigeria: 

Cover courtesy Armstrong Ukwuoma

It is no gainsay that child marriage is a very controversial issue and one of the strategic ways of addressing controversial issues is to explain the issues in writing as clearly as possible. I therefore wrote my book on child marriage in Nigeria to:

a)     Clarify certain controversial issues in child marriage especially as they are contended in Nigeria;

b)     Deepen public enlightenment, strengthen advocacy and mobilize individual and public action towards ending child marriage in Nigeria.

Having already achieved (a) above by publishing the book, I wish to accomplish objectives (b) above and many more by:

(i) Making copies of the book available to the Federal and State lawmakers in Nigeria. Continue reading


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