Make Your Holidays Ho-Ho Not Ho-Hum by Gilda Evans

Today I’d like to welcome guest host Gilda Evans. Gilda Evans is an author, speaker and blogger whose work center on relationships of all kinds.


Yet another holiday season is upon us.  And, sometimes, it can bring more chagrin than cheer depending on your personal situation.  So, let’s examine a few different challenging scenarios that might be happening in your life right now, and see if there’s a way to help turn the Ho Hum into Ho Ho again!

The three biggest culprits for sapping the holiday spirit are usually 1) family conflict, 2) financial woes, and 3) loneliness.  Let’s take these one at a time and perhaps find a workable solution to the issue at hand.

Family Conflict

Various problems can arise within the family structure and make celebrating more a chore than a pleasure.  For example, there might be a multi-household situation, as in the case of a divorce where there are kids involved.  Or, if the marriage is intact, the two sides of the family celebrating together might not be practical because of personal conflicts or geographic restraints.

These are touchy issues and require great care in attending to them.  When discussions are had concerning the details of how the holidays will be spent – and they will be had – it is extremely important that they remain discussions and not be allowed to spiral into arguments.  Often, the best solution is a “take turns” attitude, i.e., this is the year the kids go to mom’s for Thanksgiving and dad’s for Christmas and next year they switch. Continue Reading


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