Child Marriage In Nigeria

Thank you for joining me for part 3 of my interview with  Armstrong Ukwuoma Esq. Legal Practitioner in Nigeria. We are continuing our talk about child marriage in that country. Read part 1read part 2.

Positive changes towards ending child marriage in Nigeria:

As you may know, the practice of child marriage has its net spread across the Southern and Northern parts of Nigeria but the practice is well pronounced in the Northern Nigeria. In Southern Nigeria:

(a) the higher rate of girls’ enrolment in schools;

(b)  their higher rate of retention in schools and completion of full course of basic education when compared to what obtains in the  Northern part of the country;

(c)  the domestication of the Child Rights Act by most states in the Southern part of Nigeria with 18 years as the minimum age of marriage; and

(d) their open and fearless condemnation of child marriage;

(e)  the level of enlightenment of girls in Southern Nigeria on the need for girl-child education are very positive signs towards ending child marriage in the Southern Nigeria. Continue reading ….


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