Jovon Tucker Talks About Room To Read

Today I am honored to welcome my really good friend Jovon Tucker. Jovon is the owner Book2Buzz Production, a company that produces book trailers. Check out some of her cool trailers here.

Jovon is here to chat with us about Room to Read an organization that is very important to her, that you should know about.

Hello, everyone, and thank you so much to Gillian for having me!

I am going to guess that most of the readers here love to read. Whether it’s books, magazines, comics, reference materials…anything at all…even the road signs we all use to get from place to place.

Why am I musing about such things? Well, how would you feel if you couldn’t read any of these things? Helpless? Ignorant? Like you’re not given a chance to fulfill your own legend in life, because you lack the skills that most of the world takes for granted. Now imagine you are young, and female. Two more things to clamp you down in the sad situation you see no way out of…

Unfortunately, 42% of girls in the developing world are not enrolled in school!  As a woman whose favorite pastime in life is read anything I can get my hands on, not being able to would sadden me tremendously! This is why I love Room to Read and their mission! Continue reading


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