Rita Mosiman Presents… Over the City

Photo and prose by Rita Mosiman

Photo and prose by Rita Mosiman


The skies were flooded with intense color as people returned home from a work filled day.  Suddenly smiles spread on weary faces, heavy moods were lifted as many gave thanks for the artistic treat spread over the city.  Now, what was it that had bowed our heads during the day?  Was it really as important as we had made it out to be?  Changing our perspective is among nature’s many gifts.

Serenity and Beauty

Published by JB Stillwater

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Rita Mosiman is an avid hiker who feels a strong connection to the land and nature’s artistry. In her book Serenity and Beauty she explores the true beauty that exists in the simplest of things. Purchase a copy here.

Autographed copies of Serenity and Beauty are available at Bookworks Albuquerque.


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