Author Kris Hoge Talks About Heavenly Town

Photo courtesy Kris Hoge

Photo courtesy Kris Hoge

I recently moved to Morgantown, WV.  I was born in Sewickly, PA; and I lived in Beaver County, PA growing up.  I have some health problems since I was born, so I am limited on outdoor activities.  I basically liked to read and watch TV. I especially loved to watch the paranormal and vampires shows.  I had been interested in the unknown all my life.  Writing came easily for me only having one creative class in college.

One day, I sat down to write a story and 50,000 words later, I wrote my first paranormal romance novel which I have not published yet.

Several years later after continuing with writing I wrote my first novella–Heavenly TownThe Inheritance, a historical fiction romance (eBook) about angels.  Later I published a few short stories and novellas as eBooks.

The idea for a historical romance came after I had learned that my ancestors were from a place, Greene County, PA, where I had lived before I moved here.  I was drawn to The Greene County Historical Museum.

At that time I was interested in ghost hunting wondering what it would be like to hear spirits.  I was also starting to research my family tree.  A friend of mine helped me sometimes.  She told me to look for a green carpet one day at the museum where she had never been.  I went there and saw a portrait of my ancestor, Margaret Hoge.  I did not realize this at first, Margaret Hoge lived only a couple miles from my home in Greene County.  I then went ghost hunting at the museum and recorded a woman whispering her name Rose in my tape recorder.  I went to the genealogy society looking for Rose and asked about a Rose Taylor from Greene County after researching on the internet.

A volunteer at the genealogy society asked if I knew my ancestors, The Hoges they were from Greene County.  My family said it was too complicated.  I discovered that my ancestors were indeed from that area.  Because of this I wrote Heavenly Town, The Inheritance in honor of the women who braved the frontier.

After I went ghost hunting I talked to one of the museum curators. I told her the story and about Rose.  She said a lady just recently asked her if she knew about a Rose who worked there.  No one could ever find any records of a Rose working there.  I often wondered who was Rose, and if she knew about my ancestors.  I think she wanted me to find out about them.  I wrote another short story called Whatever Happened To Rose?


Heavenly Town cover courtesy Kris Hoge

Synopsis of Heavenly Town, The Inheritance.

In Heavenly Town, The Inheritance Jennette and Walter Taylor are twins who inherit their grandfather’s inn after he dies.  When they go to the Heavenly Town Inn they find the town is a ghost town.  Walter disappears and Jennette is left alone.  She sees an Indian who watches her, and she falls in love with him.

Noel Morris comes to the town, and Jennette becomes friends with her.  Noel has a secret that no one knows.  Jennette learns the people in town were massacred.  The Indian, Colin, tells her she does not need to be afraid anymore.  People start to arrive in Heavenly.  The town begins to grow.  Jennette and Colin fall in love, but she can not be with him since he is a savage.  She leaves Heavenly, however, her heart will always be there.

Connect with Kris on her blog. Read her biography and purchase her book on Amazon.


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