The Salaam Project

Today I have to amazing opportunity to chat with a beautiful soul who is trying to make a positive difference in the world.

Abby goes by the name Lived One Thousand Lives, or LOTL. Abby is a book blogger and reviewer.  Check out her blog.

Abby began the Salaam Project to help encourage positivity and kindness in the world. Basically the project is a montage of ideas, stories, and inspiration for random acts of kindness and goodness in the world. “It is a call to action for including one more positive thing in the world and that will make all the difference,” she said.

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She got the idea from reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, “there was a scene in the book where the main character is kind of struggling and feeling low, and his friend simply says Salaam, and it was such a simple, yet moving gesture that I knew it would stay with me. It wasn’t so much the definition, but the scene and the comfort it gave the character, that it really stuck me and I knew I needed to spread this word and these feelings that are associated with it.”

Abby found this video on StumbleUpon

“It follows the ripple effect of a single kind gesture. It was amazing and the idea branched from there. I just kind of looked around and said, if we do more of this, just one single act of kindness, think of how many people will be touched by it, and then eventually it would come right back.”

Abby started the Salaam Project on April 29th of 2013, and said it is “very young and still in development.”

She said this project has really made her more aware of both the positivity and negativity she is putting into the world and how it influences those around her. “I’ve become way more aware and careful about how negative I am with others and with myself. It’s really helped me love myself and everything around me more.”

Abby  hopes to influence others to become more conscious of the choices they make and how they affect others. “I want people to think twice before they don’t hold the door or throw trash on the ground. I want them to offer to carry groceries to someone’s car or pay for lunch once. I hope to make everyone’s day a little brighter and the world a little better.”

She said that so far people have said wonderful things about it. “It’s really an awesome feeling that at least one person or two people have been influenced by my project. Hopefully I can get a few more!”

Abby gets the word out through social media sites like Pinterest and Twitter and have created a tab on her blog labeled “The Salaam Project” in hopes that people will be curious when they see it and will click on it.

She stays positive by trying to see the positivity in things, which can sometimes be very hard. “I often become negative instinctively, to protect myself from pain and disappointment, which The Salaam Project is helping me work on, but after this instinctive negativity, I stop and think about whatever it is. Like, when you see a cactus, you go “that’s so ugly and dry and gross and hopefully it doesn’t prick me”, but I stop and think about it, I realize how amazing it is that it grew so big with so little resources and I marvel at the protective methods it has developed, much like humans. I know, bad example, but you get it right? I just try to flip the negative into positives and it really makes me happier.”

We definitely support the Salaam Project. Check out the video it gave me goosebumps.

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