Creative Packaging – Innovative or Just Plain WTH?

This week I’d like to share with you some creative packaging used in marketing products we use everyday, some have been launched and some are… well let’s just say still on the drawing board. Let me know what you think— Innovative or just plain what the hell?

The MILK carton

According to the creators, the dimensions are the same as a regular two-liter carton of milk.  ”It represents the content of the product in the simplest way, both through word and image.” Duh.

Innovative milk carton

Designed by Julien De Repentigny in collaboration with Gabriel Lefebvre


The dimensions may be the same as a regular 2 liter carton, but in my opinion you will get less milk because the content flows into the letters and wouldn’t the letters hold less? What do you think Innovative or what the hell?

Salt & Pepper Cell Shaker by Antrepo Design Industry

Antrepo Design Industry is a company located in Turkey. This speaks for itself and is available in turquoise, white, black or red. Click to get the pair now.

D cell battery salt and pepper shaker

Photo by

Wine in a can by Jens Andersson & Jonas Forsman

Wine in a can makes it simple to take your wine on the go.  Each can holds a wine glass worth of wine. I guess you’d have to carry more cans if you are a heavy wine drinker. I wonder if they make these in a 6-pack? Avoid the hassle of wineglasses, opener and fragile bottle. This is a small convenient packaging totally made from aluminum, from which you drink like a glass. The cans are recycled in the same way as conventional aluminum cans.
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Wine in a can new product design

Wine in a can. Photo by Yanko design

The can is kind of snazzy I like it!

Hanger Tea by Soon Mo Kang

I love this. Definitely innovative!  This serves dual purpose as tea bag holder and a tea infuser.

Tea bag hanger and infuser

Photo by Yanko Design

So what do you think? Innovative or WTH and would your buy these if you had the chance— well except for the battery salt and pepper shaker which you can buy now.

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Tech Talk – Print Your Own Clothes

Clothes printer 2

What if you never had to do laundry ever again? Or chose an apartment without taking into consideration the size of its closets?  What if you never have to wear the same outfit twice? What if you could imagine an item of clothing push a button and it appears? Think this is far out? Not if industrial designer Joshua Harris has his way.

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Dry cleaning hanger

The Smart Hanger is a portable garment care device that doubles up as a dry-cleaner. Volatilized air air-washes off unpleasant smells and kills clothing germs and molds without causing any damage to clothes. Ideal for suits, dresses, uniforms or outdoor jackets that are difficult to wash at home. Smart Hanger offers an instant cleaning option.

Trampoline Roads, Coming to a Country Near You

Photograph by Caters News Agency

Photograph by Caters News Agency

The trampoline road is made of black rubber and runs through the Nikola-Lenivets forest in South-West Russia (I’m packing my bags right now). Personally I think it’s a great idea, here’s why: • An alternative mode of transportation. • Better for the environment. • Exercise. • Ohmygoddness FUN!


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