Sylvester Stallone, A Story Of Triumph and Perseverance

This story was sent to me by Global Network Pictures, a company owned by my good friend actor Ricardo Cordero.

This is the story of Sylvester Stallone. One of the biggest and most famous American movie stars.

Sylvester Stallone in the early stages

Photo by Jordan Watson

Back in the day, Stallone was a struggling actor. At one point, he was so broke that he stole his wife’s jewelry and sold it. Things got so bad that he ended up homeless. He slept at a New York bus station for three days. His lowest point came when he sold his dog at a liquor store for $25.

Two weeks later, he saw a boxing match between Mohammed Ali and Chuck Wepner and that match gave him the inspiration to write the script for the famous movie, Rocky. It took him 20 hours to write the script.

He tried to sell it and got an offer for $125,000. His only request was to star in the movie. The studio said no, they wanted a ‘real star’. He “looked and talked funny,” they’d said. Stallone left with his script. A few weeks later, the studio offered him $250,000 for the script but he refused. They offered $350,000 he refused again. They wanted his movie but not him. Stallone had a vision, he wanted to be the lead in the movie.

The breakthrough

Eventually the studio agreed, gave him $35,000 for the script and let him star in it. The rest is history.

Rocky was nominated for ten Academy Awards, including Best Original Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Directing, Best Editing and won Best Picture. Rocky was inducted into the American National Film Registry as one of the greatest movies.

The first thing Stallone bought with the $35,000 was the dog he had sold. He stood at the liquor store for 3 days waiting for the man he’d sold the dog to to return. Stallone explained why he’d sold the dog and begged for the dog back, but the man refused. After he negotiated with the man Stallone paid $15,000 for the same dog he sold for $25.

The moral of this story

If you have a dream follow it at all cost.

Never let ANYONE crush your dreams. Whatever happens to you, keep dreaming. Keep pursuing.

No one knows what you are capable of except yourself. Keep moving forward making your place in history.

Peace and love,



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