Rita Mosiman Presents … How Many Seasons

Flowers in bloom against a blue sky

Photography & Prose by Rita Mosiman

How Many Seasons

Early spring.  Lacy leaves.  Nesting  bird choruses.  Rebirth.  As I meander through the neighborhood on my walk, I hear sudden pounding of staple guns doing a quick repair and meet children  going home from school, remembering the days I did that (in another life?!).  I wonder what is going on in the homes I pass.  Many stand empty during the day.  Some have their guard dogs fussing at the fence.  I think about the typical American life now.  What is the typical American life?  Where is middle America?  Does it exist anymore?  They are perhaps all at work – both mother and father – husband and wife, and seventy-year olds, trying to hang onto what little they’ve eked out.  What joys do they put into their lives?  Are they seeing and appreciating the fresh leaves that peak over the roof tops, the fruit tree blossoms that dot the yards of their houses?  What music do they listen to” – or is the television continually on?  What books do they read?  – Or is there never any time for that?

Wasn’t it summer just yesterday?  I remember that amazing summer sky.  Huge low clouds of mauve turning to strong, but dark peach in one area with sky blue surrounding it and some white cloud patches, behind one of which was the moon, creating a bright cloud lining until the moon, itself, brilliantly appeared.  Once again, I wondered what the sky was saying – from where was the peach coming?  Do people really look at a sunset?  It was the sort of summer night meant to be spent outside, sleeping on a blanket in the back yard, camping somewhere, taking a walk – somehow soaking it all in – preferably with someone – but really soaking it in!

And won’t it be winter tomorrow already?  Oh, have we skipped fall?  Does one day just drone into the next?

How many springs, how many seasons – just go by?

Previously published on JBStillwater.com

Rita Mosiman is an avid hiker who feels a strong connection to the land and nature’s artistry. In her book Serenity and Beauty she explores the true beauty that exists in the simplest of things. Purchase a copy here.

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Photo by Rita Mosiman

Photo by Rita Mosiman

Photography by artist Rita Mosiman is featured at Western Commerce Bank. 1910 Wyoming Blvd. NE Albuquerque NM 87112!


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