Fun With Food 2nd Edition

It is simply amazing how talented these people are. These food artists truly know how to have fun with food!

Big fake out BurgerCake

Burger cake


This was so very well done check out the detailing on the lettuce and onions! This was done by The Custom Cake Shop in Bristol UK. The shop is owned by Rachel Walker, she offers cake decoration classes and sugar craft courses. Can’t get enough of her creations? Check out her portfolio.  Pretty impressive eh?

Egg Art

designs on eggs

Egg Art

So apparently egg art has been around for centuries. There is even an International Egg Art Guild. In case you don’t believe me here’s the link. On the website you will see different style of egg decorating, meet teachers, board members, and even learn to do it yourself. I think it’s time for a new hobby! You with me?

Face Food

Woman's face made with veggies

Photo: Studio Vox

You know how as a kid your parents always tell you don’t play with your food? Bet if you did this they’d change their mind.

Edible Owl

Owl made with bananas and pineapple

Photo: Maggie Cooks TNT

This is creativity at its very best. It’s even perched on a branch, I wonder what the eyes are made of. If you know leave me a comment.

Peacup cake

Cupcake made like a peacock

Photo: Maggie Cooks TNT

I’m not sure if this was done by the same person who did the burger cake. But gosh who would want to eat this. It’s a masterpiece!

Fun with food Swan edition

Swans made with bananas and pineapple

Photo” Maggie Cooks TNT

Amazing how many uses you can get from pineapples and bananas to create art … or smoothies.

Can’t get enough of Fun With Food? Check out Fun With Food 1st edition or Culinary Art Pics.

Hope you enjoyed these as much as I’ve enjoyed bringing them to you. I look forward to seeing your food masterpiece.


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