10Q’s with Lawrence Weill Author of Incarnate

incarnatecoverMed ptbm

What should a woman do if she believes she is the mother of the second coming of Christ? This is the problem Lara Joyner faces when she comes to believe, through her visions, through the look on his face, through her cards, and through the thousands of hidden signs she sees in nature, that her son is Christ Incarnate.

Incarnate is the new novel by Lawrence Weill. I recently had the utmost pleasure of interviewing him, here’s what he had to say.

Lawrence is also a visual artist: “I try to create an image for the viewer to place herself within the work.  As a result, my sculptures are not generally representational in the usual use of that word, but more abstract.  On the other hand, in my drawings, photographs and, for the most part, my paintings, I am focused on representing the textures and depth of the subject.  The photograph “Bucket,” for example, is my attempt to bring the viewer into the depth of the warehouse space through the perspective of the windows, the reflections, and the vanishing points.  The colors of the wood also help. You can view my art at www.lawrenceweill.com.”


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