Brown Bag Monday: Is Whole Foods Friend or Foe to the Organic, Local Movement?

I never thought Whole Foods like this before. But it’s definitely something worth thinking about.


photo (7)

I have to admit that I guiltily love Whole Foods.

It is kind of like how I feel about my car. I know it is not good for the environment to drive, but I do it anyway (a lot). We try to carpool when we can, or we combine as many errands as possible in to one trip. We think about biking to work, downsizing to one car, buying carbon offsets and then…none of that really ever happens.

That is how I feel about Whole Foods. After reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma many years ago, I realized that Whole Foods makes every intention for the consumer to feel like they are buying local, organic meats, dairy and produce, but this is often not reality. In Michael Pollan’s view, Whole Foods is “a store where organic, local and artisanal food is just window dressing to help sell a much more ordinary…

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