Kenya Elects First Maasai Woman to Parliament

Peris Tobiko

Peris Tobiko, first maasai woman elected to Parliament

On March 4, 2013 Kenya elected the first Maasai woman to parliament.  Peris  Pesi Tobiko, a 42-year-old mother of four was elected as a member of Parliament Kajiado East constituency. Read more here.

Early marriage vs education.

Tobiko grew up in the village of Mashuru in Kajiado county. She revealed that her community does not value the education of girls and that families try to marry off their daughters at a young age. Her father wanted to educate all his children, but gave in to public pressure when  he attempted to pull her out of school and marry her off to an older man.

My elder sisters were pulled out of school and married off, but I was lucky that teachers intervened in my case,” said Tobiko. “I was performing well, so teachers wanted to keep me in school.”


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