Travel Tips and Technology

This year I plan on doing as many international trips as I can. I leave for my trip to the Caribbean next week so travel have been on my mind. Here are a couple of travel tips I’ve picked up that I thought I’d share.

Air hostess

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Hair. Ladies, if you have medium-length or long hair, always wear it up in-flight, so it doesn’t get that tousled spot where your head hits the seat. If your hair is a bob-length or shorter, make sure to spruce it up before deplaning.

Skin.  Exfoliate and apply a hydrating masque the night before your flight, apply more moisturizer than usual the day-of, and re-hydrate with mountains of moisturizer after the flight. Above all, drink lots of water; flight attendants consume over a liter in-flight. Hydrate and re-hydrate is key.

Source: Fodors Travel Blog, Trish Friesen

Ear popping tips

Budget Travel reader (and pilot) Mike Filippell says to avoid ear pain during flights, bring along an apple. When you feel the plane begin to descend (about 25 minutes before arrival), start snacking. The chewing and swallowing will keep ears in good shape. I plan on trying this with nuts since I will be traveling at night and my stomach is sensitive to fruits at night. I’ll keep you posted.

Technology to make travel more convenient.

VUUM – Smart Hanger by Beom-Seok Lee, Dong-Il Kim, Wan-Il So & Ki-Won Song

Dry cleaning hanger

The Smart Hanger is a portable garment care device that doubles up as a dry-cleaner. Volatilized air air-washes off unpleasant smells and kills clothing germs and molds without causing any damage to clothes. Ideal for suits, dresses, uniforms or outdoor jackets that are difficult to wash at home. Smart Hanger offers an instant cleaning option.


napcabsMaking your stay at the airport more pleasant and comfortable is the idea behind Napcabs.

Napcabs sleeping cabins are tailored to the needs of passengers. Located in departure and transit areas, passengers can rent some privacy, and make themselves feel at home between flights.

When you rent a Napcab you get a full bed and work space, 19″ multimedia touch screen TV with a choice of a variety of videos and music, flight information and alarm clock, internet access, air condition, a blind on the front door window and coat hook. Not to mention individual adjustable light settings.

Depending on the time of day you can rent a Napcab for about $13/hr. with a $40 minimum according to Deanna Cioppa via Fodors. Don’t expect to find Napcab in the US so far they are only available in Munich Airport, Terminal 2, Level 4, Gate G06
– Munich Airport, Terminal 2, Level 5, Gate H32. I think this should catch on in the US it’s a great idea! Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Travel Tips and Technology

  1. How fun! I leave on Sunday. I am originally from the Caribbean, haven’t been back in 14 years, so it’s a new adventure. Things have really changed there (so I’ve been told). Have a safe trip! Enjoy! Eat lots of cool foods. Have you been there before?

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