Kindle App Reviews: Pulse, Kayak, TV Listings, Jewel Star


I truly enjoy this app. First off it works well on the Kindle Fire. I love the short Pulse apparticles that you can read quickly and click on the link for more information if you desire. It is customizable, so you get updates in categories that you are interested in. There are tons of categories so there is something for everyone! The interface is really easy to use and fun. See something you like? You can share it to Facebook or Twitter with just a touch. One of my favorite categories is Budget Travel, it shares secrets on the best deals in airfare, places to stay and things to do. Plus tips on places to visit and a brief history lesson in some cases. TVLine gives you a run down of what’s on the telly as well as spoilers and interviews. Really, I could go on for pages with good things to say about this app. It is a one stop shop of things you like. I lovingly call it “my feel good app”.


No issues on the Kindle fire, it loads super fast. Runs smooth, no ads and it’s FREE! I love Kayakthat you can create fare alerts and have it with you anytime. There is a built in currency converter which is fairly accurate (I checked). Now this is the cool part; there is the airport information tab which tells you everything you need to know about the airport, like whether there is free wi-fi, how many computer charging stations, what shops are available and where they are located. Not all international airports are listed but they do have the majors like Vancouver Int’l, Heathrow etc. Basically you could book your hotels, flights, rental cars and track flights among other things from this bad boy. The only thing I think is missing; I would have liked an alert reminder, where I set up a fare tracker and get a notification when the price changes. You have to remember to check the app to get the update, but your ‘Alert’ is saved. The flight tracker is also very useful too.

TV Listing for Android by Jersey Productions.

This app is very simple. I like that about it because sometimes you just want to know TV Listingwhat’s on the telly without having to flip through the channels. It is always accurate! I have been using it for about 4-5 months and never had a problem. You can create reminders, set when you want to be reminded and it goes to work. You can even share your reminders with your friends. One of the features I really like is the filters feature. With filters you can just select your favorite channels to get updates from, that way you don’t have to scroll through the laundry list of foreign language stations or if you have cable the many different versions of MTV or whatever.

Jewels Star by Itree Gamer.

This is a great time waster. I love the graphics, the option for background music or not, and Jewel Starof course the explosions! This is basically a match three game with explosions. There are different modes of play: Arcade, Mineral, Classic. The modes of play are more like 3 different games. I’ve been addicted to Mineral for some reason. This game is addictive, there are ads but not obtrusive. Absolutely no issues on the Fire. It works amazingly and you can play for hours (I speak from experience) without the game freezing up or crashing the device.


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