Single Gal’s Guide to Valentines Day

Vday girlIf you are single no other time of the year can make you feel lonelier than Valentines Day. But V-day doesn’t have to suck, the key is to be grateful. Yes you read it right, gratitude! Use V-day to give yourself a little extra lovin’. Pamper yourself and be glad that you have your alone time because it will not last forever. Later on you may long for the days when you can have these moments… My point… Enjoy it now!

Here are a few of my favorite tips:

  1. Treat yourself to a message/facial/manicure/pedicure at your favorite spa.
  2. Pay your favorite hair stylist a visit, get a wash and steam or whatever you fancy. Allow yourself to feel pampered.
  3. Buy yourself something nice and silky. Lingerie, PJs, a scarf.
  4. Order food from your favorite restaurant, TAKE IT HOME! (see below).
  5. Set up a nice dinner table with reservations for ONE. Create ambiance music, lights. Then really TASTE the food, eat slowly, enjoy every minute of it (like the Parisians).
  6. Have a glass of wine, really taste the flavors. Sip it slowly.
  7. Buy yourself flowers! It adds a nice touch to your home and also lifts your mood.
  8. Place candles around the bathroom, run a hot bath with nice smelling bath foam (I recommend Village Naturals Bath Foam at Walmart) The bubbles are nice and thick and the smell is relaxing.
  9. Call your parents, a friend or someone else who is single and let them know you love them.
  10. This is most important… Be grateful that you don’t have any kids, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend to get up in your space. This time is yours to enjoy and bask.

The way I see it, makes no sense harping over not being in a relationship. Enjoy the alone time, appreciate yourself, love yourself because YOU are the most important person to YOU.


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