[Pictures] Cool, Quirky and Fun-tional!

Today I thought I’d feature cool and quirky designs for everyday use. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment below.

Crock Stapler

Don’t get your fingers caught in this crock stapler.

Interesting engineering

Brilliant! No evidence dessert. Drink the liquid and eat the cup. The cup is a wafer exterior and icing insides. Can you guess the drink?


Even plugs have evolved! I soooooo love this.

Tape Measure

Fun tape dispenser. Great gift idea!

USB toaster

OK is it me or is this so cute. Cute and useful a lethal combo!

Dyson tap that dries your hand

What in the world is this? I’ll give you 3 guesses.
It’s a tap created by Dyson (The vacuum people). This kitchen tap also dries your hand! No more paper towel. Talk about eco-friendly!


I wonder how long it took to do this? Nice conversation piece for your home.


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