10Q’s with author Gholamreza Nazari


Who is Gholamreza Nazari? 

I am from Iran. Currently, I live in Dallas, Texas, and work as a freelance author. I have a double masters degree in IT Management (from Malardalen University, Sweden, 2011) and Public Management (ATU, Iran, 2007). I have more than 10 years’ experience of working in various positions, from Organizational Development Specialist and HR Generalist to Lecturer and Journalist. In the last 5 years, I have published several books and many papers and articles on Business, Management, and Information Technology.

Why did you write this book?

During the last 10 years, I have met many managers, consultants, practitioners, and regular employees who shared their working experiences with me. I also had a great chance to meet some exceptional leaders and consultants. The insights and lessons presented in my book developed from challenges, frustrations, and success, they have faced over the years.

I wrote this book to share my experiences and help others avoid false steps and costly mistakes in their professional life. I hope the readers will benefit from these invaluable experiences and will be able to get ahead of the learning curve to accelerate their career success.

How is this book different from other similar books on the market?

This book aims to impart a message that is motivational, upbeat, and pragmatic by providing a set of short lessons and rules. I think one of the big differences is the practical insights about developing effective working relationships. The key words are inspiring and actionable. I don’t view this book as a step-by-step or “how to” guidebook. Yet, the lessons and rules are described in practical terms. Empowered by the insights and lessons, employees can map out a clear and effective path to success in today’s complex corporate world.

Who is this book geared towards?

The insights and lessons this book imparts are valuable to every individual involved in the corporate world, from experienced managers, knowledgeable bosses, as well as new employees; anyone interested in building a successful working relationship. The book provides practical guides for all employees seeking to foster strong relationships with their bosses.

What can readers expect to gain from this book?

This book provides insights that are simply ways of strengthening and enriching employees’ experience of job relationships. By absorbing the lessons and rules, and putting them into frequent practices, people can protect themselves against destructive and painful working relationships.

Each chapter labels a “lesson” that you can explore, discover, and practice, in order to bring more knowledge of working relationships into your professional life. The specific rules have included in each part to highlight insights and key points to ponder.

How did you stay positive during the writing process?

This book has evolved from my own experiences in the organisational world, and as a result of what I have learned from some brilliant consultants and managers early in my career. Therefore, I have always been confident that my content would help many people who are struggling in their job relationships. This allowed me to remain positive during the long researching and writing process.

How can bosses benefit from this book?

For readers already in a leadership, management, or supervisory role, whether they work in business, nonprofit, or government, this book offers practical solutions to the serious issues that most bosses, from new supervisors to experienced executives, encounter in their daily communications with their subordinates. The lessons and rules are general advice to influence the way bosses and managers think and behave.

What advice would you give to someone with an impossible to please boss?

I believe that by learning and practicing the insights, anyone can cultivate a strong relationship with their boss. However, sometimes you may realize that despite all efforts, your relationship with your boss has been destroyed beyond repair, or your current job is not working… In that situation, you have to look down the road and approach a key turning point in your career. In most cases, you need to find a new job to foster new working relationships.

I’d like to remind to readers that our job consumes many days and years of our lives and we should be satisfied with our daily routine, or we have to look for a “plan B”. Regardless of the reasons, if you cannot manage your relationship with your boss properly, or if your job does not satisfy you, it gradually damages your career advancement.

As lesson 7 suggests “You Should Hold The Keys To Your Future”. If you do not take charge of your career fortune, you will be trapped in an unhappy workplace.

What’s next for you?

I have been working on an interesting research to determine what makes an ordinary employee different from a great employee. “Is it possible for an ordinary or even a good employee to become a great employee?” This question has lingered on my mind for a long time, and now I have the chance to find a satisfying answer for it. However, I am sure that this research needs an enormous amount of interesting work and study. It’ll perhaps take a few years to accomplish.

Thank you Gholamreza for your time and best of luck with your book! Click  Win Your Boss’s Respect: 7 Lessons and 33 Rules to Manage Your Relationship With Your Boss to purchase a digital copy of Gholamreza’s book.


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