Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

This one is for all my foodie readers, especially my mother who is the mayor of kitchen gadgetville.

First up this handy little herb saver by Prepara. The Prepara Herb Saver prolongs the life of your herbs for up to 3 weeks by keeping them hydrated. It is cleverly designed to fit comfortably on your fridge door. There are several other brands and designs on To me this one is aesthetically pleasing, plus it seems easier to replace the water and has more features than the cheaper competitors.

Prepara Herb savor

Prepara Herb savor

The Ethylene Gas Absorber.  The last time I paid attention to anything ethylene related was in chemistry class. Ethylene gas is like kryptonite for your produce, it causes them to go bad FAST. Prolong their dignity with this cool invention. This is not really new it has been used by growers for years to keep their fruits fresh from farm to market. The companies EGG and Bluapple have just found a way to make it consumer pretty. Both retail for about $10-$13 for the starter kit which consists of about 6 refills. One refill last about 3 months.


Speaking of eggs, how about eggs and toast prepared AT THE SAME TIME! Instead of waiting for your eggs to poach or your toast to toast, why not have them both ready at the same time! This multi-tasker is available at Target or anywhere small appliances are sold (apparently). While it is not very attractive and seem to pick up a lot of space it gets the job done I guess. (Let me know if you have one).


Index Chopping Board. This is great for so many reasons. You have a different color chopping board for meat, one for veggies and so on. Such a great gift idea. Looks good and picks up less space. They also come in cool shapes and sizes.

Cutting board by Joseph Joseph

Cutting board by Joseph Joseph

Digital Spoon Scale. Another great gift idea. Get rid of those pesky measuring spoons, instead of having 5 spoons on a ring, replace with one that gives you precise measurements. I don’t suggest submerging in water or placing in the dishwasher, this little handy works with 2 AAA batteries.

Measuring spoon

This is my personal favorite. This bag closer is FREE and innovative, a great gift and makes use of recycled water bottles.

Another use for empty water bottles.

Another use for empty water bottles.

Hope you enjoyed reading and got some good gift ideas and ways to save money. If you’ve used any of the above or have any other handies to share drop me a line. Cheers!


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