Eat Your Veggies! (Especially the Green Ones)

Green veggies

I always hear health gurus saying to get some green on your plate. So I got curious. What’s so great about green foods anyway? Here’s what I found out.

What green can do for you:

  • – Blood cleanser, alkalizer and multiplier
  • – Regulate blood sugar level, cholesterol levels
  • – Lower the risk of heart diseases and stroke
  • – Kill/inhibit bacteria, viruses and fungi infections
  • – Maintain bone mineral density
  • – Reduce allergic reactions
  • – Relieves respiratory troubles like asthma and sinus
  • – Reduces pain caused by inflammation
  • – Eliminates body odor/bad breath
  • – Improves bowel movements
  • – Melt away fats
  • – And many, many more!

Turns out green is good for ya! Till next time, happy eatin’!


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