Kindle App Reviews: YP, KOAT, Diner Dash, Word Search

I’ve added a new category on this blog called App Reviews. I thought I’d start off with a few of my favorite apps for the Kindle Fire.

App YPYP Local Search and Gas Prices by YP. I simply LOVE this app! It delivers. You get not only restaurant and gas searches you get hotels, activities and maps with directions! I spent over an hour playing with this app. So far it is very up to date and it runs well. This is simply one of my favorite apps and would recommend it to busy people, who don’t want to spend time looking around the web for the cheapest gas prices, hotel info or restaurants. You can also review businesses right in the app, view partial restaurant menus (for finnicky eaters like me). I can’t begin to tell how much I love this app. Great download! So far there are no annoying pop-ups and the ads that are on there is noticeable but not intrusive. (I hope it stays that way).

App KoatKOAT Albuquerque News and Weather by HTVMA Solutions, Inc. I have been waiting for this app on the Kindle Fire since I worked at KOAT years ago. My mom has it for the ipad and has rave reviews about it. It runs very well. I love the instant alerts and the easy to use interface. It is very contained meaning that you get not just local news but national news. I think it is very well made and very easy to navigate. Most of all it runs well. I would recommend this app even if you live outside of New Mexico.

App Diner

Diner Dash by PlayFirstInc. This game works very well on the Kindle Fire. It is the same fun as the desktop game. I usually never pay for an app, but I did for this one. It is so worth it! The beauty of this app compared to the desktop version is that you can touch the screen with more than one finger at a time to give Flo her commands and she responds. Sometimes with the desktop version she doesn’t always respond quickly and you have to click on the command again. I totally love it. If you want a challenging game to raise your blood pressure this is it. The customers make you crazy but it’s fun! I would definitely recommend this game for anyone looking for a challenge and a little extra stress. It’s very addictive. Be aware that if you play for a long time (hours) your Kindle may freeze and you have to hard reboot.

App WordWordSearch Unlimited by JiuzhangTech Ltd. This is a very simple game and I love that about it. It works really well on the Kindle Fire, no big graphics or sound effects just good old fashion find words in a maze. It is the digital version of crosswords without the detective work or sometimes misleading clues. I really enjoy it, it keeps your eyes and mind focus. The fact that it is timed keeps your heart racing to beat your own time, like a race against yourself. I love the simple themes, you can choose whichever is most pleasing and easiest for your eyes. I would recommend this game, I play it regularly and use as a complement to Words With Friends.

That’s all for now folks! Drop me a line if you’ve used any of these apps.


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