10Qs with the Multi-Talented Ricardo Cordero

An exclusive interview with @GillianFx

The best way to describe Ricardo Cordero is multi-talented. An actor, writer, producer, director, singer and dancer, Ricardo currently runs Global Network Pictures in NYC. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him a few years ago when I lived in NY and worked in theater. His presence on stage is commanding, he has a way of making you take notice and really brings the character to life. It is an absolute joy to watch him at work, in his element.

Call-outHow long have you been in the business?

I have been involved with show business most of my life in many forms. I made my first television appearance at the age of 3 and my first stage appearance at the age of 4. I formed Global Network Pictures 13 years ago. Since then we have made 3 feature films and many commercials.

If you weren’t in entertainment, what would you be doing?

I guess I would own a company in the food biz and do a lot of traveling.

What is your most memorable role and why?

An Off -Broadway play called A Mothers Love written by Francis J. Balducci. I had the supporting role of “Fredo”. There were a few really great moments that involved deep method work. On opening night when I came out for my curtain call, I was given a standing ovation for the first time ever in my career. That continued every night until we closed. I threw my life into this character and gave it true soul on stage. A part of me was dying inside playing that role.

Who would you love to share screen time with? (Dead or alive).

Dead I would have loved to work with Marlon Brando, Bettie Davis and James Cagney. Right now I would like to work with Al Pachino, Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts, that be great if I can work with all three on one film.

Which director would you love to work with?

I would love to work with Martin Scorsese. I had the pleasure of meeting him years ago. Great Man. But I will have to add one more director, Woody Allen as well. Hey we are both from Brooklyn you know (lol).

In the movie Blood Night you played a psycho rapist. How did you prepare for that?

That role involved many hours of research and method work, I can tell you it was one of the most dramatic scenes I have ever done. I didn’t speak to anyone for 7 days and lock myself up that whole time. When I arrived on the set at 1:00 AM it was very dark out and I could see everyone’s eyes on me wondering, who’s the actor that will do this? I work the scene out with the director and the young actress played by Samantha Siong. It was her first lead role and first nude/rape scene. It was very cold and we filmed in an abandoned mental hospital that was closed for 45 years. No running water and no heat in the middle of the winter. Many unexplained things happen there. When it came time to shoot the scene it got so intense we both didn’t hear the director yell cut a few times. We were actually pulled off from each other. It was very dramatic. The best thing that happened afterwards was that Samantha Siong and I became best friends. But I tell you that is when all your years of training comes into question and will show for scenes and films like these.

What keeps you motivated?

I don’t know really know. I just know one thing, I am meant to do what I am doing (acting). I have made so many sacrifices to do what I love. The only thing worth living for is my art. I feel like if I don’t do it I will die. Not sure if anyone can understand me, if you can by all means let me know (lol).

What is the hardest part of what you do?

Being alone and not being understood and appreciated for who you really are in life.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into this business?

Do what your heart tells you, not what your friend tells you. Be realistic about it. And a heads up, most times your worst critics will be friends and family so if you let that blow over and keep moving forward, you will begin to grow into your work. You have to want it bad enough that you can’t sleep every night until you start getting yourself into it. And be prepared for rejection and not taking it personally. Make me proud of you, live your dream.

What are you working on now?

I have just recently wrapped filming for director Luc Besson’s new film Malavita (2013) in the role of “Philly” opposite Robert De Niro. This past summer I worked with writer/director brothers Ethan and Joel Coen on their new film Inside Llewyn Davis (2013) in the role of “Nunzio”. I am also up for a television pilot… keep your fingers cross for me. I must say you asked some powerful question here. And thank you.

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6 thoughts on “10Qs with the Multi-Talented Ricardo Cordero

  1. Riccardo is a great actor and friend. Having directed him and seen his work, I’ve always had faith that Riccardo would have great success. I hope the world sees what I know. Wishing you health, happiness and much success in 2013 Alan Kanevsky

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