Another Shooting, What NOW?

I wonder what is going to happen now… People were angry when the Columbine shooting happened in ’99 and again in July ’12 over the Aurora shooting, now this. Yet after a few weeks those same people seem to have forgotten and moved on, everyone went back to business as usual. Either that or it is to much work to channel that anger into action, to put pressure on leaders to get some kind of gun control law in place. This too will pass and people will move on… until the next tragedy.

Now before you get mad at me and start screaming that people have the right to bare arms or whatever. I reserve the right to disagree… peacefully of course. The truth of the matter is that we don’t know who is pushing crazy these days. True guns don’t kill people, people kill people but RE-READ THE PREVIOUS STATEMENT. Having a law doesn’t prevent people from breaking it, so what is the solution? This is where the anger and sorrow needs to go, into finding a solution. So I wonder what is going to happen now. Are people going to come together and work on a solution? Or is it back to business a month from now until the next tragedy?

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