Trampoline Roads, Coming to a Country Near You

This version by @Gillianfx. Source: Guardian.UK.

Estonian architecture studio Salto has designed a 170ft. (51m) trampoline road called Fast Track. The idea here is that you bounce to your destination. According to Salto, its intent is to give the user a different experience of moving and perceiving the environment.

Photograph by Caters News Agency

Photograph by Caters News Agency

The trampoline road is made of black rubber and runs through the Nikola-Lenivets forest in South-West Russia (I’m packing my bags right now). Personally I think it’s a great idea, here’s why: • An alternative mode of transportation. • Better for the environment. • Exercise. • Ohmygoddness FUN!

Another form of exercise transportation or exertrans (I totally made that word up) in the works is a swimming lane along the Regent’s canal in London. Here’s my issue with this… Say you are going on a date; you have to get there an hour early, find the nearest restroom to dry off, change, style your hair, apply your make-up, tote around your bag of wet clothes. See where I’m going with this? I guess it would be closed in the winter? All sort of sanitary issues come to mind (think about that for a minute). At least with the bouncy road you could make that a fun date activity.

What are your thoughts on Fast Track (bouncy road) and the swimming lane in London? Chat below.


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