Keep calm and get your Christmas on

An original article by @Gillianfx

The holidays are here… duh! Here are a few quick tips you can use to make your holidays… more holiday-ish.

holiday-keep-calmRe-gifting. Good or bad? I say go for it! Re-gifting saves you money. I heard on a radio poll that you can save an average of $150!
Instead of having the unwanted offender laying around in your cupboard or attic, picking up space that could be used for something else that you don’t use, re-gift. You might think it’s f-ugly but someone else might think it is brill! Make sure you don’t re-gift to the person who gave you the gift in the first place. (Been there, done that). I couldn’t do that to my friends… This is just… bad. Hey! Didn’t one of your “friends” give it to you in the first place? I believe that everything has its place in the world and no matter how bad/ugly/useless it might be to you, there is someone out there just waiting to give it a home. Do like George Strait and just give it away. Donate.

Speaking of donating… Give to a family in need or a charity. Wondering what to do with that $150 you saved from re-gifting?
Okay, say you used that $150 to buy something for yourself; then give of your time, spend time with someone, a family, a friend or neighbor. They’ll appreciate it. Volunteering is always an option, food banks need volunteers this time of year and it’s good for your soul.

Speaking of Soul… Shopping for others can be a pain in the ass. The malls, not knowing what to buy, people everywhere. Sheesh. At the end of your shopping day, reward yourself (this actually worked for me one year), either with a nice meal, a little gift, a nice hot bath complete with candles and lots of bubbles, or my personal favorite, a massage.

Hot bath, cold air… The weather outside may be frightful but the air inside can stifle. Open your windows for at least 5 minutes a day to re-circulate the air. Stale air can get trapped inside of our homes and so can negative energy. This simple exchange of air can give your home a fresh feel and uplift your mood.

Now that you’re in a good mood and shopping is done… According to the law of Feng Shui, place your Christmas tree toward the center of the room as a focal point or toward the left side of the room where it stands. Do this then post your comments below.


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