Review of Harmattan a novel by Gavin Weston

I am quite certain that Irish writer Gavin Weston has never been an 11 year old Nigerian girl. Yet in his writing of Harmattan, he takes us into her head like a skilled surgeon with a 15 blade.

This heart wrenching story is so vivid and real I had to keep reminding my self that this is not real… probably.

Our heroine is an intelligent, loving, hopeful, kind and innocent 11 year old Nigerian girl from the village of Watada. We go through her very short lived ups and the deep lows placed upon her by those responsible for her care.  When placed in deplorable and unthinkable situations (I pray that no human should ever have to face); her beautiful spirit is broken, battered and brought to its’ knees.

At times the story was hard to read because Mr. Weston reached into my rib cage and squeezed my heart with descriptions so precise, that it has seared the images into my mind that I would not soon forget.

Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our own drama that we become disconnected. Harmattan has reconnected me with issues bigger than myself. It has made me even more sensitive to the people that are hurting all around the world (especially children), not by their own doing but by the society they have little choice to live in.

I wish everyone would read Harmattan, it would definitely put humanity back into humans.


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